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. a mystery illness. >> students and teachers started getting sick during a five-day science trip at marin county near petaluma. jenelle is following that story and joins us with the latest. >> the cause is still unknown but the marin county health department is looking at four possibilities. number one, could it be food poisoning? was the food tainted by a food handler or just some
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gastrointestinal virus. kids were sent home last night or picked up by parents. 250 students were at walk you are career ranch for a five-day camp. it consisted of fifth and sixth grade classes. it included 20 high school students acting like camp counselors. a handful of kids came down with flu-like symptoms. by midnight 65 students and teachers were ill. >> they got in touch with the medical staff at general hospital. they advised that what would be best, an abundance of caution, is that the students that were on-site return home where they could be, you know, managed and cared for by parents. >> ironically the school says the county just came yesterday to do its annual food safety inspection and the results came out clean. the school also frequently
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checks its water and those levels were normal. the outdoor school is part of the marin county office of education and holds a five-day camp every week that focuses on that. >> looking whether a fire bug was busy in the castro district. the video shows flames on the roof of an apartment building on bart street. it broke at 15 a.m.. separately there was a trash can fire. amy is live at the scene. amy, are investigators saying whether the fires were linked? >> they're not saying much, kristen. but they have their theories. they didn't think about much the trash can fire but then three huge fires broke out and all
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were in the castro. >> one struck an apartment building full of sleeping people. it started after 5 a.m. >> it was scary hearing people yelling fire, fire. >> residents made it safely to the street and some used cellphone cameras to capture the fire. 13 people lost their homes. >> it shot up pretty high for a little bit. can't really tell though. >> how are you feeling? >> fine, fine. just shocked -- you know, glad everyone made it out, you know. >> firefighters called for a second alarm so all available crews in the area were working to put this fire out in the castro when another call came in for fire just a few blocks away. firefighters had to ask for help from across the city. >> she's backing out now from chinatown. the truck that's in front is from 4th. we had outside companies coming in to cover to put this fire out. >> this fire at 17th and
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hartford also involved a residential building but it's under renovation so no one is living there. it did threaten the building next-door. >> the whole back of the building was on fire. we just got out. >> firefighters called arson investigators as soon as they put out the fires. >> the first thing that we thought about being suspicious, you had two fires within a block of each other within an hour. >> firefighters aren't the only ones with their suspicions. >> the power switch is right there. there's no power to the building and no power in that corner of the building. so it's clear that somebody did this. >> that was the owner of this historical building. he's been renovating it for the past six months so he is obviously very disappointed. no one was hurt in these fires and, again, arson investigators are still trying to figure out the cause. amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> thanks very much. the san francisco police bomb squad is disposing of apparently
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live hand gran nades found in a bag inside a garage in the 600 block. technicians used a robot to move the bag outside but the bag ripped spilling the explosives on to the ground. they moved a half dozen grenades while detectives tried to figure out where they came from. >> the owner of the building was 92 and they had passed away. this was a family cleaning out their personal effects in that garage and came across possibly five or six grenades. >> police blocked off a two-block radius around the grenades and nobody was hurt. >> a holding pattern in the uprising to overthrow the political regimen. this morning egypt's vice president blames foreigners and businessmen for fueling these anti-government protests of that
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rocked the country for the past ten days. he also is insists soldiers and army tanks are now involving themselves for the first time since it began to, quote, protect people against them. more violence in cairo, the heart of those violent protests. supporters of egyptian president hosni mubarak demanding his ouster continue to throw bombs in the square. eight people have been killed and 800 others injured. many have been treated at makeshift street clinics. outside hospitals are trying to keep the media out. the egyptian prime minister apologized for the violent attack on protestors and promised an investigation. >> i pledge before you that this matter won't be far over.
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>> in the latest concession to anti-government demands, egypt state tv is reporting president mubark's son will not run for election in september when his father has promised to step down it's believed he had been grooming his son to succeed him. the other big story in egypt is the treatment of journalists. president obama spoke out on the suspect demanding detained reporters and human rights activists be freed. they took them away from the heart of the protest, this after they atooked journalists. a british journalist was severely beaten today. cnn anderson cooper tweeted he was attacked again today. this time his vehicle window was smashed. the u.s. calls it an attempt to intimidate the press and suppress the reporting what's really happening. while the egyptian government has accused the media of being
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sympathetic to protestors. president obama is praying for egypt. >> we pray that the violence in egypt will end and that the rights and aspirations of the egyptian people will be realized. and that a better day will dawn on egypt, and throughout the world. >> he spoke this morning at the annual national prayer breakfast in washington. mr. obama has called on egyptian president hosni mubarak to begin transitions to a more democratic system but stopped short of saying he must step down now. >> the husband of gabby gifford gave the closing prayer. he didn't go into details but did say she is improving every day, this after being shot in the head during a mass shooting outside a tucson shopping center last month. six other people were killed in that attack. the astronaut said he had never
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been a believer in faith until just recently after his wife was shot. >> that this event, horrible and tragic was not merely random; that maybe something good can come from all this. maybe it's our responsibility, maybe it's your responsibility to see that something does. >> also during today's breakfast one of the rescued chilean miners talked about his two-month ordeal underground last october. >> a message on clean energy technology. technology. a pickup truck plunges into an never in my lifetime did i think i could walk 60 miles in 3 days. 60 miles in 3 days-- i can do that. 60 miles compared to what a cancer patient goes through
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepwor >> a winter tragedy in northeast oklahoma. at least three people were killed when a truck plunged offhand a snow-covered bridge into an icy river today. the truck jumped a guardrail and was partially submerged as you can see. investigators are trying to determine exactly how this accident happened and how many people were in the vehicle. there were reports as many as eight people inside. there was 20 inches of snow on the ground, and the temperature was 9 degrees below zero. >> president obama is pushing new incentives to persuade the nation's businesses to make
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their buildings more energy efficient. it will help lay a foundation for long-term prosperity. >> if we want those jobs and businesses to thrive in the united states of america, we have to innovate and out-educate and out-build the rest of the world. that's what we're gonna have to do. >> the president also called on congress to provide companies with a tax credit to retrofit buildings to decrease energy use. he wants to provide loan guarantees to schools and companies to do the same. >> president obama attended the national prayer breakfast where he says his christian faith has sustained him through many challenges, even less weighty ones that every parent can empathize with. >> lord, give me patience as he watch malia go to her first dance where there will be boys.
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(laughter) lord, have that skirt get longer as she travels to that dance. >> all right. that's ma medical leah with the black coat she's 12 years old now and has not been linked to any boys in any reports -- yet. >> hopes she stays that at least until daddy is in his thirties. >> nice to be back but i'd rather be out in the sunshine right now enjoying some of this warm weather. we'll have more to come as we look to san jose. just the beginning of a warming trend and drying trend. how high we'll get this weekend. >> police make an arrest in a brazen hotel heist in las vegas. the surprising connection the suspect has with the law. >> plus celebrating president
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ronald reagan's 100th birthday. the new historic aspects of his life that the public can soon see.
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♪ happy lunar new year! it is the year of the rabbit. this is the first day in beijing residents and visitors celebrated by praying for good fortune. it's customary for people to touch a lucky stone at the temple to throw coins at the temple's bell and burn incense. traditional new year foods include spring rolls, rice cakes, fish and dumplings and noodles for long life. san francisco's annual lunar parade is february 19th. redwood city's having a festival this saturday. a great fun time to get together with your families. >> great weather for this. >> the heavy snowfall still causing problems. let's watch and listen to this video.
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an entire business complex just fell under the weight of that heavy, heavy, heavy snow in massachusetts. and we've seen that -- they were all evacuated. just in time. they could hear it creaking and popping and you could see the wall starting to lean in. good question, everybody did get out okay. speaking of snow, we could have used some of that. we have a little snow over the weekend but we could always use more. looks like the next chance of snow, kristen, may be right before the presidential holiday weekend. next weekend. could be some good snow, too. could be several storms come our way then as the pattern changes. until then let's talk about warm weather. look at the sunshine from sutro. looking at mount diablo in the distance. bright day with temperatures in the upper 40s around fairfield, antioch and san rafael. low to mid-50s for the rest of
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us. low to mid-50s the monterey bay and inland. started clear and kind of cold. because we started so low, we'll still have sunshine and warm temperatures but not that much warmer if at all. the warming trend strengthens through the weekend. temperatures could be low to mid-70s. not a chance of rain until next weekend. let's talk about today compared to yesterday. 1 degree warmer san jose, oakland. sun sets about 5:32 this evening. storm track well to the north once again. look at this full area of high pressure dominating the western third of the country. that's why our warming trend is beginning, especially when this high builds over the great basin even more so tomorrow with that dry offshore wind pattern. the temperatures jump into the 70s in a lot of areas. we could see records fall once again as we did during that january dry spell.
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63 to 64 on the peninsula, too. over the pacifica and half moon bay. as you head up into the sunset, south san francisco maybe 62 but 63 downtown san francisco. near the water whether the ocean or the bay like sausalito, low 60s as you head inland, mid to upper 60s through the north bay valleys. low to mid-60s in the east bay valley. mid to upper 60s inland. the dry air will be cool again for one more night, and that means 30s in our inland valleys. palo alto, san jose, morgan hill, santa cruz. low to mid-40s for the rest of the bay shore and out to the coast. 7-day forecast, look at all that sunshine with temperatures mid to upper 60s at the coast. low 70s around the bay and even mid-70s inland this weekend. tulie fog may come back monday, tuesday and wednesday. other than that no real worries. >> we'll be watching, mike. >> okay. >> police have arrested a las
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vegas man on a bold casino robbery at the. he faces armed robbery and burglary charges. a newspaper reports that he is the son of a las vegas municipal court judge. he was the robber who waved a gun at a craps table and stole $1.5 million worth of casino chips and took off running with a motorcycle helmet. >> a newly refurbished reagan presidential library will open to the public just before what would have been reagan's 100th birthday this sunday. there will be many new exhibits including a statue of mr. and mrs. reagan greeting visitors. they can read his inauguration speech off the teleprompter. you can see the coat he was wearing when there was an assassination attempt. an x-ray shows how close it came to his heart.
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the recording he made when he was told he had alzheimer's. >> i begin the journey that will lead me into the sunset of my life. i know for america there will always be a bright dawn ahead. >> the new reagan library opens to the public on monday.
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spoke to my >> good afternoon. i'm diane sawyerere at abc news headquarters in new york. we're going to take a moment of your regular programming to bring you word out of egypt of a very important development. abc's christiane amanpour made her way to the man at the center
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of the storm in cairo. she talked with hosni mubarak. as you know, it has been a dangerous trip. journalists targeted as they move through the streets there. but she is on the phone with us now. first of all, we are glad that you are safe. what did president mubarak say to you? >> good afternoon, diane. i spoke for about 30 minutes with president hosni mubarak in a reception room at the palace and i asked him what he thought now that he's promised to leave office and not stand for re-election. he told me that i am fed up after 62 years in public life, i have had enough, i want to go. but he added, if i resign today, there will be chaos. he said that he had told that also to president barack obama. he told me, quote, obama is a very good man, but i told obama, quote, you don't understand the egyptian culture and what would happen if i stepped down right now.
11:26 am
he said, again, there would be chaos, and he said the mosm brotherhood would take over. when i asked about his supporters causing violence against the protesters in the square, he told me i was very unhappy about yesterday. i do not want to see egyptians fighting each other. diane? >> did he give you any sense of what he would do to contain the violence? >> he said that there would not be force. actually, i was there in the presidential palace to interview on camera the vice president. i specifically asked the vice president what would he do if the protesters do not disperse as they have been called on? he said we will never authorize force against the people. i asked him several times. each time he said we will never authorize force against the people. he accepted that the people had, quote, legitimate grievances and
11:27 am
he said -- and so did president mubarak say -- that they believe they have met the demands of the people by agreeing to step down, by agreeing to reform the constitution, change election law and reach out to the opposition. but, again, saying that, if they did it right now, that would plunge the country into chaos. >> he said to you president obama is a good man. did you ask him if he felt the u.s. had betrayed him in any way by calling for him to step aside? >> diane, i did ask him that and he gave me the time-honored hand signal, sort of moving it back and forth. he did not say that he had been betrayed. he simply said that i believe president obama is a good man and what would happen if i left right away. >> again, we know what an incredible journey it was for you to get this interview and we want everyone at home to know that you will have more reporting tonight. we have many questions for you and we'll have a chance to bring
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you christiane's full report tonight on "world news" and, of course, it's on as well. we understand that christiane also saw the family of president mubarak. so we'll have a report on what she saw from them tonight as well. we will see you then on "world news." to the entire abc news team, the strong and intrepid team in cairo, we thank them and we'll see you tonight.wsws
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